What is Cydia?

CydiaSo you want to know exactly what Cydia is? Read on!

Much like the Apple’s AppStore, Cydia is an alternative store, if you will, for the jailbreak applications. In this Cydia Store you can browse for apps, tweaks, themes, and other kind of stuff. Installing stuff from Cydia is quite easy.

Like in the AppStore – Cydia Store hosts payed and free of charge apps. If you want to buy something from the Cydia Store, you’ll need a PayPal account to do so.

How do you get Cydia Store on your iDevice? Well, you need to jailbreak it first! Search our blog to find the right tool to do so. Once you jailbreak, you will find the Cydia App right on your SpringBoard.

Cydia repositories – what are those?

Repositories can be found all over the web – all you need to do is load them up in Cydia. The main repos are stored in the default instalation of Cydia. These repos contain applications from developers all over the world. Browse our collection of repos.

What does the Cydia Store look like?

Below are a few screenshots with Cydia’s home page, repo lists, new packages and the categories:




One big question, who owns this Cydia Store?

Well that’s simple, Cydia StoreĀ  is a trademark of SaurikIT owned by non other than Jay Freeman aka “saurik”. The name “Cydia” is an allusion to the Codling Moth, with a scientific name of Cydia pomonella, which is the proverbial “worm in the apple”.

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