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factory unlock iphone

Probably the best thing to happen you your iPhone, ever!

What is a factory unlocked / IMEI unlocked iPhone?

To make it simple, a factory unlocked / IMEI unlocked iPhone, is an iPhone that can be used with any SIM CARD from ANY carrier, worldwide. Also, you can activate your factory unlocked iPhone with any SIM CARD you like – from any carrier you like.

Who does these factory / IMEI unlocks?

Starting with Apple, there are a few companies arround the web that provide this unlocking service, we’ll list some in a few. Apple will unlock your iPhone if you bought it from AT&T, Sprint, T-MOBILE or Verizon (as far as I know) – but only if they are out of contract. Other web companies that provide this service can unlock your iPhone even if it’s still on contract.

Can any iPhone be unlocked?

Sure, any iPhone can be unlocked! But you have to be careful and make sure your iPhone is:

  • not blacklisted in any country
  • not reported as stolen
  • out of contract – for a cheaper unlock!

We can unlock handsets which have been barred or reported as lost or stolen dependent on network. There will be an additional charge to unlock barred handsets of at least £40.00 . You can check if your handset is barred prior to purchase by going to http://www.checkmend.com/uk (for UK handsets) and http://www.checkmend.com (for international handsets)

Please be aware however that if the handset is reported as blocked, or lost or stolen, then it will only work outside the country it was barred in (as the networks share the blacklist and will refuse service).

Because this unlock is official and does not require an iOS jailbreak, it means you can safely update the iOS version on your iPhone at any time, and sync it with your computer without fear of Apple removing your unlock.

It is particularly useful having an unlocked handset when you go travelling abroad: just pop a local sim in and pick up emails without incurring an extortionate bill when you get home.

Why are some iPhones carrier locked?

The reason many network providers SIM lock their phones is that they offer phones at a discount to customers in exchange for a contract to pay for the use of the network for a specified time period, usually between one, two or three years.

This business model allows the company to recoup the cost of the phone over the life of the contract. If the phones were not locked, users might sign a contract with one company, get the discounted phone, then stop paying the monthly bill (thus breaking the contract) and start using the phone on another network or even sell the phone for a profit. SIM locking makes it more difficult to do this.

Do I need to send the iPhone to you for unlocking?

NO. You do it all from the comfort of your home. The whole service is remote, once your IMEI is marked as unlocked by ourselves you simply connect your iPhone to iTunes for unlocking.

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