PanGu8 for iOS 8 tutorial

@PanGuTeam has finally released a stable version of their jailbreak software (PanGu8). Version 1.1.0 brings alot of fixes and automatically installs Cydia after the jailbreak, no more SSH-ing for the average user. All iDevices running iOS 8 – 8.1 are supported by the PanGu jailbreak.

Jailbreak iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air with PanGu8

Before jailbreaking, be sure to BACKUP your iDevice in iCloud and in iTunes (to be safe).

Jailbreak tutorial with PanGu8 for iOS 8.0 – 8.0.2 – 8.1

1. Did you backup your iDevice? Good.

2. Download PanGu v.1.1.0 from here. Unpack the ZIP wherever you want in your PC.

3. Connect your iDevice to your PC. Rightclick on Pangu8_v1.1.0.exe and select “Run as administrator”. The PanGu8 welcome screen should popup.


4. Very important: DISABLE TouchID, PassCode and Find My iPhone from the Settings menu!

5. After disabling the above three settings, set your iDevice on “Airplane Mode”. Bring up Control Center and toggle the top first button – the one with the Airplane. This will alow the jailbreak process to run way faster!

6. Ok, so if the “Start Jailbreak” button in the PanGu8 window is blue, you can click it to start the jailbreak process.

7. PanGu8 will show you a notice screen. Read carefully before clicking the “Already did” button.


8. PanGu8 will now install the jailbreak on your iDevice. Once the installation is done, your iDevice will reboot.

9. On your homescreen you should now see two new apps: Cydia and PanGu.

10. Open Cydia and let it prepare the filesystem. Cydia will exit and respring when done. Cool, now you’re jailbroken!

That’s it. The PanGu8 jailbreak is done. Now you need to:

a). Set back your PassCode.

b). Enable “Find my iPhone”.

c). Enable Touch ID.

The new Pangu app on your homescreen alows you to easily change the root password for your iDevice. Open Pangu app, tap the “Utility” tab (bottom middle) and select “Change” from the Modify OpenSSH Password tab.

Still new help? Maybe this video from will help you more:

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