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A body case that I really like for my new iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus

Written on October 2nd, 2016 | by neluttu

Got the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus? Great! Having a protective body case for your iDevice is mandatory these days because they tend to slip out of your hand really quick.

I’ve always protected my iPhones with all kinds of cases, but starting with the iPhone 6 I’ve opted for this case:

It’s a beautiful back case that covers 60% of the iPhone – and I say 60% because the top and bottom sides are not covered (only their corners) – and also, the case allows access to the iPhone’s side buttons without covering them at all. Read the rest


Here’s a cool new gadget for your Mac – Expansion Dock and Charging Station

Written on November 11th, 2013 | by neluttu

Kanex simpleDock‘s 3-in-1 solution provides you with a fast networking experience, mobile device charging and access to everyday USB devices.

Perfect for the home or office, simpleDock makes it easy to connect the peripherals and mobile devices you use everyday. Simply plug in your USB hard drive, printer or card reader for an instant connection.
The dedicated charging port delivers 2.1 Amps of power to charge your iPhone and iPad. The innovative design keeps charging USB cables hidden, and serves as a desk valet to keep your smartphone within reach. Read the rest


SkyBell WiFi Doorbell – Knock knock, who’s there?

Written on October 18th, 2013 | by neluttu

How awesome can this gadget be? SkyBell WiFi Doorbell is a smart device that allows you to answer your door using your smartphone or tablet instead of the receiver on the wall.

SkyBell WiFi Doorbell is an innovative and practical smart doorbell and as we can see from the images, the smart door bell features sleek, compact and modern design, and comes with built-in WiFi connectivity in order to join into your local network, and its motion sensors detect any visitors. Read the rest

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