Blacklisted IMEI check

Uh, this sounds a little bit like some CIA FBI NSA stuff. Well it ain’t!

With the Blacklist Checking service you can check whether an iPhone is reported to the carrier as blacklisted. This happens when the device is lost or stolen. In this case, the phone does not log on to the network in the specific country. Unlocking iPhone in such case will be difficult or even impossible.

Yes, most of the times you can unlock a blacklisted iPhone, but it will be more expensive.

Also, you need to remember, this service is not an unlock. It is designed to find out what network the device is locked to. If you already know what network your handset is locked to please proceed to Unlock Purchase.

With this service you will get full information about your iPhone within minutes – full device profile information including SIM Lock status, the network your iPhone is locked to, warranty information, and more.

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