iCloud Backup not working on iOS 9

Published on January 24th, 2016 | by neluttu


iCloud backup not working on iOS 9.x for some users [Updated]


For some users, like me, iCloud backup stopped working while running iOS 9.x. If you’re in the same boat, here’s the deal:

  • iCloud backup on your iDevice cannot be activated at this point.
  • If you activate iCloud backup using iTunes, it will appear as activated on your iDevice, but it won’t work.
  • Do no try to restore your iDevices as the problem, as far as I read, is Apple ID related. Your iDevice is working just fine. Try using a different Apple ID and the backup will work.
  • Trying to log out of iCloud / restoring the device, resetting it, resetting the network settings, won’t do any good (if you have this AppleID related issue!).
  • Don’t restore and setup as a new iPhone/iPad as it’s useless.
  • I have tryed everything people suggested on the forums and I still cannot use the iCloud backup.
  • I even upgraded my iCloud account to 200 GB to make sure disk space wasn’t an issue.
  • Also, I updated to iOS 9.3 beta just to see if the backups work. They don’t!

Errors I got are:

The last backup could not be completed. – when I tryed to backup from my iPhone.

iCloud backup Failed – There was a problem enabling iCloud Backup – when I switched off and then on the iCloud Backup option.

At this point I read that Apple is aware of the issue and trying (not so hard imho) to fix it. All we have to do is manually backup our iDevices in iTunes and wait for Apple to fix the problem.

Remember, this is an Apple ID issue, not device! I hope I saved you some time with this info about the problems iCloud Backup is facing at the moment on iOS 9.x.

I tried on iOS 9.2, 9.2.1 and also 9.3 public beta. Not iOS related issue.

UPDATE: As of today, 28.01.2016 iCloud Backup has started working again for me and for some users I asked.


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