Reasons not to update to iOS 8, at least not yet

This article reflects my sole point of view and my needs from a jailbroken iOS device (mainly – the iPhone). I’ve been a jailbreaker sincer my first iPhone 3G and I’m loving it. I’m going to give you a few reasons not to upgrade just yet to iOS 8 this friday.

If you’re not a jailbreaker and you don’t want to jailbreak your iDevice, please just close this browser tab.

I installed this week, Apple’s iOS 8 GM firmware just to see how it runs on my iPhone 5s and what are the new features. I lasted only 24 hours w/o my favourite and most used tweaks. These are the tweaks Apple decided not to implement in iOS 8:

1. SpotLock – the ability to *simply* lock the device by swiping the first page of your springboard to the right.

2. Activator – Ryan Petrich’s most used tweak that allows one to generate different actions based on diferent gestures

3. ColorBadges – well, this is an UI improvement, at least for me. This tweak makes your badges use the color of the app icon.

4. DarkFolders – again, another UI improvement – this tweak applies a dark background to all your folders.

5. GridSwitcher – this is a must have tweak for me. I’m not really happy with Apple’s app switcher because … it just sucks, you can’t view too much information on that screen and the swype is terrible.

6. IconRenamer – just what the titles sais, I can rename any app any way I want. Cool.

7. Springtomize 3 – if you’re a jailbreaker you must have heard of Springtomize! It gives you the ability to change many aspects of your iOS device. UI and functionality too! I increased the open / close animation speed on my iPhone for example, changed the icons size from 100% to 90% (more cooler), removed stuff from the statusbar, et cetera.

8. Power Tap – Asign diferent actions to the power slider (reboot, shutdown and respring)

9. StickyBanners – most of the time I just miss my notification banners why I’m using the device. This tweak will keen the banner in view untill I simply dismiss it.

10. FlipControlCenter – a cool tweak to upgrade your ControlCenter with cool features that Apple still doesn’t have in iOS 8!

One of the latest tweaks I bought is “Weatherboard” and it’s a GREAT animated weather wallpaper. It works only on the iPhone and it allows you to pick the current weather conditions from your city OR pick a random weather animation (day or night version).

There are way too many more tweaks and themes in the Cydia store that deserve your attention and I could write for hours probably about them. These are my personal top favorites.

Q&A about jailbreaking in general:

a). People are saying that iOS 8 killed jailbreaking — again. Is that true?

Fuck no. Apple will never ever fill in the gap between an open iOS and a boxed one.

b). Can I downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7?

Again, a big NO. Just stay away from iOS 8 for now if you like your tweaks.

c). Isn’t iOS 8 jailbreakable already?

Well this is awkward, but again, NO, not yet. Check from time to time if you want.

d). Did Apple make a better iOS with the 8th major version?

Finally, YES! they did make it better! But not better than a jailbroken iOS 8, for sure.

e). Who benefits more from a jailbroken iDevice?

Of course, you do. Then the devs. You can literally DO more with a jailbroken device.

f). Who’s the jailbreak for?

This is somewhat a tricky question, but in my opinion, jailbreaing isn’t just for anyone. Jailbreaking is mostly for the POWER USERS – users that always want more, users that see things different, users who think different and want to be unique.

g). Do Cydia tweaks and apps drain battery?

In most cases, yes; some tweaks drain more some less. But hey, you’re a power user and you are already used to recharge frequently by now.

h). Is my iPhone / iPad safe after I jailbreak it?

Ok, so… bottom line: NOTHING IS THIS WORLD IS SAFE. Nothing. If you want it to be really safe, just don’t open the damn box when FedEx gets to your door.

i). I don’t want to have a jailbroken iDevice anymore, what can I do?

Backup in iTunes, hit the restore button and enjoy your brand new unjailbroken iOS.

Thanks for reading.



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