MagicBadges – customize app badges the way you like

Here’s a cool tweak for you – MagicBadges. If you’re a jailbreaker you’ll love this tweak. For once you’ll be able to change the look and feel of your App’s badges.


MagicBadges makes it easy to change the badges’ position, size and color, use pictures (keeping their orginal color scheme) you like to replace default badge if you’re bored with it, in the same way Zeppelin to Carrier Logos, or Alkaline to Battery Icons.

magicbadges1 magicbadges2

magicbadges3 magicbadges4

This tweak is not yet compatible with Apple’s iPads, so you have to wait a bit. Tweak can be configured from the Settings app.

Even better, you can put badge background pictures of your own (in png format, size of 50×50 is perferred) into /Library/Application Support/MagicBadges then they can be set as badge background from MagicBadges Settings’ badge list page.


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