Published on November 14th, 2013 | by neluttu

Things to know about a future iOS 7 jailbreak

First thing you need to know, the iOS 7 jailbreak is in the works. The evad3rs are working hard on exploiting iOS 7 bugs so we can enjoy the liberation of our iDevices soon.

Second, this next jailbreak tool will probably be just a new version of evasi0n updated for iOS 7 support. It will be compatible with all iDevices – iPods, iPhones and iPads. Sadly, there is no intel on an AppleTV jailbreak but who knows what the future brings.

@iH8sn0w was working with @winocm on a jailbreak tool for iOS 6.x but they have discovered, so they say, that some of their exploits are still unpatched in iOS 7 and it’s best if they preserve them.

So, no, you won’t see a new iOS 6.x jailbreak tool soon – as they first promised and demoed.

As a personal opinion – if you are running iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 and you were waiting for the jailbreak release for these versions, don’t wait no more. Jump to iOS 7 and wait for the new evasi0n tool.

As today Apple released iOS 7.0.4 – hackers have confirmed that this update does not kill the possibility of the future jailbreak – so it’s safe to update.

Probably the biggest question you have right now: WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASED?

Nobody knows – not even the developers, so stay close and pay attention to the Jailbreak Wizard – the online tool that helps you find out if your iDevice is jailbreakable and / or unlockable!


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