Published on October 18th, 2013 | by neluttu

This got me thinking – a FaceTime ready AppleTV

For a while now I have been thinking about this FaceTime enabled AppleTV and I’d really like the new generation or any future generations of the AppleTV to be FaceTime ready.

Picture yourself sitting in your living room in front of your TV and receiving a FaceTime call – directly on the TV. I know you can mirror any FaceTime call directly on your TV but you’ll have to hold on to your iPad or iPhone during the whole call.

On a larger scale, think about how cool it would be to make a conference FaceTime call through an AppleTV.

For a FaceTime ready AppleTV – Apple would have to implement two new hardware pieces: a powerful microphone and at least a 720p recording camera. And maybe of course a new processor and iOS version that can handle the FaceTime calls.

If this really happens, the AppleTV could be also used for live surveillance – for example.

We’ll see what Apple will prepair for us in the next generations of the AppleTV.

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