Published on October 10th, 2013 | by neluttu

Blocking calls in iOS 7 – the good vs. the bad

One of the features in iOS 7 that really cought my eye is the call blocking function. Sure it comes a bit late in iOS – Android phones have this function for quite a while now – but it’s good that it’s here now.

You can find this feature in two different places, the first is right in the Phone app, just click on a contact to see its details, scroll down and you’ll see a button titles “Block this Caller”. The second place where you can block a caller is located in the Settings App > Phone > Blocked. There you can view a list of all blocked callers.


Of course you can block incoming cellular calls, texts and FaceTime calls too.

Ok, so what are the “downsides” of this great feature? It’s not quite a downside, it’s more like a lack of functionality – at least for me. Ok, so you have a few blocked callers in the list. They *did* call you but you can’t see that. Wait, what?

iOS 7 does not allow you to view a log of the blocked calls / texts – unlike Cydia app “BlackList” that does provide a full log of the incoming blocked calls / texts.

Yes, it’s a function that I do want, hopefully we’ll have a jailbreak tweak in the near future that will provide it.

Overall, I find it a bit stupid that you can block calls but you can’t see if those callers did actually call you 🙂

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